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12 Pack
12 Pack $59.99
12 Full Bars - Replaces 12 Meals
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6 Pack
6 Pack $29.99
6 Full Bars - Replaces 6 Meals  
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Full Bar
Full Bar $4.99
Individual Cibo Bar - Replaces One Meal or Large Snack  
Gift Card
Gift Card from $25.00
Treat the perfect person with a gift they will love! (It's A-ok if that perfect person is "me".)
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High Value 18 Pack
High Value 18 Pack $76.50 $89.99
18 Full Bars - Replaces 18 Meals
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Mini Bar
Mini Bar $0.99
Individual Cibo Mini Bar - Energy-boosting snack in just the right size to replace one small snack.

Food for Growth. Food for Thought.

Food for Delight. Food for Life.



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