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Complete Ingredients, Better Options

CIBO Protein Bars

Three Ingredients, Great Potential

A Complete Meal Invention

Why We're Better


Supporting Health, Energy, and Life.

And Delicious

Real Food

Protein, Fruits and Veggies Made Easy

Real Easy


Pre-Cooked & Refrigerated Individual Meal Bars

Say No to Meal Prep

Clean Ingredients

No Added Sugar, Nitrates, or Nitrites for Keto & Paleo

No, Really!
Why Choose CIBO?

CIBO Takes Food and Health to the Next Level

Food for Growth.

Reach your utmost potential with CIBO, a bar made to advance your day and satisfy your hunger.

Growth comes from many avenues, but choosing good, sufficient food is the best place to start.

Achieve more with a bar created from natural ingredients prepared specifically for you.

Food for Thought.

CIBO is made with three simple ingredients - protein, fruits and vegetables - making our bar a clean choice for your day.

Unlike other meal replacement bars and energy-boosting snacks, CIBO won't hold you back with unnecessary ingredients and additives.

Step into your day with confidence in your diet and health.

Food for Delight.

Enjoy real food without sacrificing superior taste.

CIBO takes the flavors of your favorite snacks and incorporates them into a bar made to savor.

Take a break from weighty foods and instead choose a bar specifically created to fuel you.

CIBO is accessible, convenient and delicious and lets you take on the day with confidence.

Food for Life.

CIBO is a bar created for on-the-move people and on-the-go living.

However, not everybody has access to such an invention.

We are committed to creating easier access to nourishing food all around the globe.

That's why we are on a mission to completely feed the world one bar at a time.

What others have to say

Customer Reviews


They taste great and are so healthy!!

Nadeane A.

This is by far the best meal replacement bar I’ve had. I could taste each ingredient and knew what all the ingredients were. It also truly filled me up which normally doesn’t happen!

Shaye K.

These meal bars are very, very tasty. I admit I was skeptical, but was super surprised and really enjoy the product!!

Thomas L.

These protein-packed bars are a great option for me and my family. They are the perfect on-the-go meal without any of the sugar, salt and other stuff you typically see in a pre-packaged snack. You can see the beef, cabbage and blueberries in each bite. We're enjoying them in our coolers in the hayfield and will keep them on hand during wrestling season. These are a perfect, guilt-free addition to our non-stop lives!

Bree D.

We ordered these without any knowledge of the content or ideaology. It came in such beautiful packaging! The taste is very rich and as a complete meal option a great product.

Ann N.

We were lucky enough to have Meat & Complete at our local Market on the Square several different weeks this summer. Such a great product. My 14 yr old asked for this specifically instead of the kettle corn or whoopie cookies! Way to go!

Stephanie G.



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