Shipping our protein bars is a delicate process.

However, you can breathe easy knowing we've perfected it.  There are some important things we've learned that will ensure your order is shipped with the highest quality of care. 

  • Our protein bars are shipped in packaging made from earth-friendly, foam-free material with a high level of insulating value, but will also provide cushioning to help protect your order.  
  • Your package will have enough dry ice to last until the order is delivered. Dry Ice is hazardous for people and pets. Do not touch with bare hands and dispose of in a well-ventilated area. 
  • Both the box and liner can be recycled making it very easy to dispose of by you, our customer.
  • Order cutoff is at noon CST each day. Most orders placed prior to noon can still be shipped the same day.
  • We will send you an Order Confirmation email.  Please review it carefully and make sure everything is just the way you want it including the correct shipping address. Once your order enters fulfillment, no changes or cancellations can be made.
  • And since our protein bars are perishable, it's important to make sure the recipient knows it's on the way to make sure they'll be in town on delivery day to refrigerate the product.  There is no signature required for delivery so it's possible the package will be left at the address by USPS, even without ringing the bell. 
  • Shipping options are subject to change due to Holidays, weather, dry ice supply, and/or USPS delays.
  • Shipping Charges are based on order total and are currently available for shipping to Nebraska, USA. US domestic shipments will become available in early 2022.
Subtotal           Shipping Charge
$28 - $59.99        $8.99
$60 - $89.99        $10.99
$90 - $99.99        $12.99
Over $100           Free Shipping
  • Important Notes:

    • We cannot ship to P.O. boxes, hospitals, camps, dorms/Universities, or Army/Naval bases due to the additional delivery time needed after the package arrives at the mail sorting location. 
    • We ship via USPS and do not require a signature for delivery. USPS will leave the package at the recipient's address and the contents will remain chilled.  Often times USPS won't ring doorbells, so it's important to alert the recipient of any upcoming packages, or once it's been delivered.  
    • Cibo (Meat & Complete, LLC) cannot be responsible for damage to unclaimed gifts or incorrect address information.  Please ensure your recipient will be in town on the arrival day.
    • Cibo (Meat & Complete, LLC) cannot intercept and redirect packages once they have shipped.  Any changes to shipments once they've left our facility will result in additional transit time and most likely spoiled product. Reships will be at the customer's expense. 

        If you have any questions, email



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