Fall 2021 Donation Event to Valentine Senior Center

Meat protein bars from Meat & Complete were donated to the Valentine Senior Center on Wednesday, October 27th
meat protein bar donation to local senior center from meat and complete give back program

Meat & Complete, LLC whose Founder and CEO is Chelsea Luthy has a complete approach to feeding your body - with a taste that is sure to interest you. That is the main premise of her new protein bar company that was recently launched in Valentine. It is meat, plus a fruit, plus a vegetable, and her spice blend, baked in a bar. While traveling for work or with her family she could not find healthy, good tasting options in gas stations or convenience stores - so she created one! These refrigerated or frozen bars have no empty calories, no added sugar, soy, oil, nitrates, nitrites, or nuts. They are gluten-free, dairy-free, Keto, Paleo, and low carb friendly options.

[Meat & Complete donates protein bars to the Valentine Area Community Senior Center. Pictured from left to right: Pat Monroe, Patsy Fox, Kate Fullerton, Ellen Froning, Pat Mellor, Chelsea Luthy, and Joyce Carr Colvin.]




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